Amusement parks in Riccione

The most beautiful parks where children have fun and learn!

There must be a reason why they call it the Parks Riviera, no? And in fact, if you are spending your next holiday in Riccione with your children or friends in our hotels and are looking to enjoy a break from the beach, Riccione’s amusement parks are the most engaging attraction in the area

Places where your children will not only spend hours of fun, but they will also have the opportunity to discover and learn new things, encountering rare animals and plants, discovering how they live and how to respect their natural habitats, while learning new information in a fun and creative way. In short, a day trip to the amusement parks offered by the Adriatic Coast is an unforgettable journey of adventure and growth.

Aquafan and Oltremare in Riccione

Aquafan, the famous 90 thousand square metres water park is located right here, in the Green Pearl. What’s in store for you? Foam parties to enjoy in the afternoon and during the evenings in the pool and a 2,800 square metre wave pool, the largest in the Park. What do the Kamikaze, the Extreme River, the Speedriul, the River Run, the Twist and the StrizzaCOOL add up to, aside from guaranteed fun in the water? More than 3 km of slides!

Oltremare is located right next door, the great natural park which fascinates all visitors with Darwin’s forest where, under a dome of glass and steel, a prehistoric forest has been rebuilt. And then there are the dolphin shows in the Lagoon, the many tanks of tropical fish and seahorses, the nature trail perfect for discovering flora and fauna typical of the Po Delta and the animal shows held every morning and afternoon. You can come back as many times as you wish – we can guarantee that you’ll never tire and you’ll never stop being curious and excited.

Theme parks on the Adriatic Coast

Resorts along the Coast also offer a wide range of games and attractions for children, all at a stone’s throw. Fiabilandia, the family theme park par excellence is located in Rimini, just 10 minutes from Riccione. The Park is surrounded by a large green area, ideal for enjoying relaxing walks and picnics and continues around Bernardo Lake, immersed in an impressive landscape, especially at night when lights illuminate the water, the attractions and the paths surrounded by nature. The area also offers 5 thematic areas, with many attractions for younger children, like the Magical Village.

Also in Rimini be sure to find some time for an afternoon discovering Italy in Miniature, the unique theme park that meticulously reproduces Italian and European monuments to scale. The reconstruction of Venice is truly impressive, reproduced at one fifth of the original so that you can actually navigate the Canal in a gondola!

In 15 minutes you can reach the Cattolica Aquarium, an unforgettable theme park that is home to 60 specimens of sharks belonging to 14 different species and 70 display tanks that host more than 3000 types of aquatic animals from all over the world.

Here, fun and learning truly go hand in hand, thanks to genuine underwater laboratories where children have the opportunity to discover and learn to respect the sea, or be amazed by interactive tactile experiences in the open tanks where flat sharks and rays swim near the edges of the tub to be petted. If you dare, you can also immerse yourself in the large shark tank!

Mirabilandia in Ravenna

When in search of a full day of pure adrenaline, perhaps there is no better theme park. While it is located a bit farther than the others, approximately 40 minutes from Riccione, near the art city of Ravenna, Mirabilandia is certainly worth the fun it offers!

So many breathtaking attractions: younger kids will be sure to enjoy the Santa Fe’ Express, Fantasyland, Ottoland, Balena Bianca, Monosaurus, Family Adventure and the Casa Matta. For older children and adults there’s Katun, the Tower and Ispeed, whose names alone instil fear!

And be sure to bring along your bathing suit and beach towel because Mirabilandia Beach is waiting for you, an area with white sandy beaches, lush palm trees, slides and the magical atmosphere of the Caribbean!

Would you like to learn more about the special offers that include discounted, skip-the-line admission to the best amusement parks in Riccione and along the Adriatic CoastEach attraction is linked to customised packages. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy your unforgettable beach holiday in Riccione!


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