The RiminiTerme Spa Centre is at Miramare di Rimini. The salt-water spring used for the various treatments is situated only a few hundred metres from the Centre and the water is filtered and piped from there to the different departments. There are many services available to the public, from areas devoted to therapies such as inhalation and vascular treatments, balneotherapy and mud-baths, to a special physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre with a cardiofitness gym and thermal pool, also used for aquagym. RiminiTerme is also a wellbeing centre and offers tourists and residents various packages, with the latest wellness treatments and therapies. RiminiTerme is by the sea at Bluebeach, the setting in summer for sports activities and entertainment for all ages. Bluebeach is the largest bathing-station on the Riviera, with facilities for beach volleyball, beach soccer and beach tennis, a covered gym on the sand, and a varied programme of events to entertain you from morning to night.
For information: Riminiterme S.p.A. – Stabilimento Talassoterapico – Viale Principe di Piemonte, 56 – Miramare di Rimini (RN) – Tel. 0541.424011

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