Shopping and fashion in Riccione

In the popular imagination, Riccione has always been synonymous with shopping, fashion and glamour.
The queen of Italian style and elegance is famous for creating new trends and patterns of consumption, year after year.
Viale Ceccarini and Viale Dante, home of the top fashion labels, are a constant temptation to visitors, a happy oasis combining the useful with the frivolous.


Tel. +39 0541 605922

Iceberg Viale Ceccarini, ang. V.le Gramsci
47838 Riccione
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Gaudenzi Boutique

Tel. +39 0541 696027

Gaudenzi Boutique Viale Maria Ceccarini, 20/22 - Via Ippolito Nievo, 11 - Viale Maria Ceccarini, 5/7
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Boutique Antonia

Tel. +39 0541 692308

Boutique Antonia V.le Dante, 13/15/17
47838 Riccione
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Ottica Francolini

Corso F.lli Cervi, 62
47838 Riccione
Tel. +39 0541 697629

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