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Romagna people famously love to eat well, and place great importance on their local food and wine and on special Riccione recipes.
Meal-times with the family are almost a household ritual, but even more popular is eating out at one of the many restaurants around Riccione. It is perhaps for this reason that Emilia Romagna is the region with the largest number of typical products, winning recognition for 19 PDO and 16 PGI products.
The restaurants of Riccione are famous for their excellent local cuisine, based on both meat and fish.
You will find restaurants throughout the old centre and also by the sea, where you can sample traditional Romagna food and wine at any time of year.
From delectable first courses such as “passatelli in brodo” (cheese pasta in broth) and hand-made “strozzapreti”pasta, to “coniglio in porchetta” (rabbit with prosciutto); and from the classic “piadina” bread to the oily fish of the Adriatic. With choice Sangiovese wines to accompany these typical Riccione dishes, and fine dessert wines such as Cagnina or Albana.
Explore the restaurants of Riccione and enjoy a holiday of flavours and fun!

Recommended restaurants


The flavours of seafood dishes directly on the beach. Delicious appetizers and fish dishes to enjoy in a bright and elegant environment with a splendid view of the sea. Dishes for Coeliacs.
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This long-standing restaurant pizzeria overlooks the sea and is able to please all palates, even the most demanding. We reinvent the best of Romagna traditions through a selection of carefully chosen products.
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For over 50 years we have been able to offer the best seafood dishes, tasty pizzas and pay special attention to organic food. VIP haunt par excellence in the legendary 60s, we continue to please the palate with real traditional dishes.
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