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If you want to know more about Riccione, our IAT (Tourist Information and Welcome) service will provide you with all the information you need with regard to attractions, events, museums and monuments, and sports and entertainment facilities. The various information points, in strategic parts of the town, are open from morning till night and will provide you with useful material in different languages. Below is some important info about travelling to Riccione, and about the best ways to explore and enjoy this resort.

How to reach us

By car: Riccione is on the Adriatic coast, in the far south of Emilia Romagna, and can be reached by car via the A14 motorway (Riccione exit). The A14 connects Riccione to the whole of Italy: tourists arriving from abroad can easily reach the town from Rome and the south, and also from the north by following the Bologna and Modena motorway interchanges. To see distances, travel costs and traffic conditions in real time, go to:

By train: The train station is very close to Viale Ceccarini and links Riccione to all the cities of Italy. Taxis and public transport systems connecting the whole municipal area and nearby villages are available from the station forecourt to take you to your final destination. You can also reach the new Rimini Expo centre by train from Riccione station. For information about departure and arrival times at Riccione, visit the Italian State Railways’ website:

By taxi: If you are arriving by train or plane, or would like to travel around comfortably without using your car, Riccione will provide you with a practical and fast taxi service.

By the free electric shuttle service: free travel on the electric shuttle every day from June to September, to and from: Miramare Airport, Rimini Thalassotherapy Centre, the Oliviero shopping centre at Misano Adriatico, and Le Navi Park in Cattolica.

By plane

Riccione is within easy reach of these airports:

“Federico Fellini” International Airport, Via Flaminia, 409 – Miramare di Rimini (RN) Ancona “R. Sanzio” Falconara Airport, Piazzale Sandro Sordoni, Falconara Marittina (AN) “G.Marconi” Airport, Via del Triumvirato, 84 Bologna

Uffici IAT

Ufficio Palazzo del Turismo  Sede Annuale: Indirizzo Piazzale Ceccarini 10 Tel 0541 426050 – fax 0541 426080 Orario di apertura: da gennaio ad aprile: tutti i giorni dalle 8.00 alle 19.00; maggio e settembre: tutti i giorni dalle 8.00 alle 20.00; giugno, luglio e agosto: tutti i giorni dalle 8.00 alle 22.00; da ottobre a dicembre: tutti i giorni dalle 8.00 alle 19.00.

Ufficio Ufficio Iat – Stazione Ferroviaria Sede estiva: Indirizzo piazzale Cadorna Tel e Fax Tel 0541 426051 Orario di apertura: giugno-settembre tutti i giorni dalle 8.30 alle 20.00

Ufficio Ufficio Iat – Alba Sede Estiva: Indirizzo via Cilea, 10 Tel e Fax Tel 0541 691382  Orario di apertura: giugno-settembre tutti i giorni dalle 8.30 alle 14.00

Servizi Pronto intervento

Capitaneria di Porto – Tel. 1530 Carabinieri – Tel. 112 Guardia di Finanza – Tel. 117 Polizia Soccorso Pubblico – Tel. 113 Pronto Soccorso – Tel. 118 Soccorso Aci – Tel. 116 Vigili del Fuoco – Tel. 115 Carabinieri Riccione – Tel. 0541 426100 Polizia Municipale – Tel. 0541 649444 Polizia Stradale – Tel. 0541 699911 Ufficio Locale Marittimo – Tel. 0541 644000

Uffici postali

Ufficio Riccione 2 Indirizzo via Dante, 266 Tel. 0541 644164 – fax 0541 643159 Orario 8.25 – 13.35; sabato 8.25 – 12.35

Ufficio Riccione 3 Indirizzo via S. Martino, 13 S. Martino Tel. 0541 605302 – fax 0541 694334 Orario 8.15 – 13.45; sabato 8.15 – 12.45

Ufficio Riccione centro Indirizzo via Corridoni, 13 Tel. 0541 473911 – fax 0541 691638 Orario 8.25 – 19.10; sabato 8.25 – 12.35

Ospedale e Pronto Soccorso: Tel. 118

Ospedale Infermi Rimini Via Settembrini, 2 Rimini Tel. 0541.705111

Ospedale Ceccarini Riccione Via Frosinone Riccione (RN) Tel. 0541/608511

Servizio Guardia Medica Via Frosinone, Riccione – Tel. 0541 787461

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