Holidays in Riccione

Riccione has always been synonymous with fun and entertainment. In summer, it is the birth-place of trends, with new fashions being adopted by the young and then taken home when their holiday in Riccione is over. Night-time in Riccione is enlivened by evening aperitifs, fashionable nightspots on the beach or in the centre, and some of Europe’s coolest discos. The stylish boutiques in streets such as Viale Ceccarini and Viale Dante offer unique opportunities for shopping, with the best Italian brands on sale. Also, the famous amusement parks in the Riccione hills, such as Oltremare and Aquafan aquatic park, are a magic kingdom of entertainment! If your focus is on wellbeing, right in the town and close to the hotels, you’ll find the Riccione Spa Centre and Perle d’Acqua park: attractive modern complexes in a green setting, with wellness zone, thermal pools and play areas. By day, you can enjoy your holiday to the full on the beach, sunbathing, having a game of beach-volleyball or playing in the water till the sun goes down.

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