Rimini Expo

The Rimini exhibition centre rises to the north of the city, covering a total area of 460,000 m² and with its own train station. The complex provides modular conference rooms with seating for up to 730, a technological operations centre, 10,600 parking spaces complete with camper service, and a pre-bookable heliport service.
Rimini Expo is involved with sectors ranging from the local region and its specialist concerns, such as hospitality and entertainment, to rather more “remote” areas of industry, including technology and capital goods.

Among the many facilities offered by Riccione hotels, there is also an efficient shuttle bus service to and from Rimini Expo.

Figures for Rimini Expo:

  • Total surface area: 460,000 m²
  • Operational surface area: 169,000 m²
  • Total exhibition area: 109,000 m² on a single level
  • Air-conditioned exhibition pavilions: 16
  • General facilities area: 59,000 m²
  • Central body, foyer, entrances: 24,200 m²
  • Green areas: 160,000 m²
  • Events yard: a multi-functional space in front of the main entrance, with four 32-metre high light towers
  • Convention halls: one with 730 seats, two with 140 seats and various smaller rooms
  • Restaurants: 2
  • Snack points and bars: 10
  • Loggias and arcades: 6,400 m²
  • Rimini Expo offices: 3,600 m²
  • Parking spaces: 10,600
  • Entrances: 3

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