Fun and amusement are guaranteed at Fiabilandia, the theme park in Rimini.  It’s a magic land of fairy tales and imaginary worlds. There’s the Castello di Mago Merlino (Merlin’s Castle), to explore in magic coaches, with its books of spells, potions and strange objects; the Vecchia Miniera (Old Mine); the Valle degli Gnomi (Valley of the Gnomes); the Lago del Sogno (Lake of Dreams), and lots of other amazing attractions!
Fiabilandia is sure to delight all ages, with attractions even for the very young. Open till late, this lovely green park is ideal for a day of fun and relaxation.

For information: Via Cardano, 15- 47924 Rivazzura di Rimini (RN) – Tel. +39 0541.372064

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