District committees in Riccione

Comitato Abissinia

The Riccione Abissinia Association brings together hotels, shops, ice cream parlours, bars, restaurants, beaches, services located in the San Martino, Gramsci, Trento Trieste and Cesare Battisti avenues.
Here it is easy to shop while walking or enjoying an ice cream and be lured to enjoy shows, live music and taste the Romagna doughnut with a nice glass of wine.
The motto of the Riccione Abissinia Association is “fun“. It has been a point of reference for tourists and citizens of Riccione for 30 years.Download the calendar of events

Viale Riccione

The new Viale Riccione Association brings together 31 of the best shops, jewellers, patisseries etc. spread out along the seafront and the town area. A group of businesswomen from Riccione had this vision to promote the best things about the town.

Riccione Alba

“Riccione Alba” is not only a small district in Riccione where everything is at hand but it is also the name of the local Committee that works with over 80 businesses including hotels, bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, shops and services.
Entertainment and hospitality are the main services for Riccione Alba. You can walk around this extensive holiday resort both in summer and winter where you can easily find markets, watch shows or listen to good music.Download the calendar of events

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