Hotel Adelphi

3-star hotel. Viale Gabriele D'Annunzio, 151 - Riccione

Hotel Adelphi
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Why select this hotel?

Located on the seafront of Riccione
Excellent cuisine
Mini club - baby club

The Adelphi on the seafront of Riccione: Nicole, Silvia and Camilla will welcome you with a warm friendly smile along with the other staff members who will ensure you have a pleasant and enjoyable holiday.

The ambience of the Hotel is cheerful: we pay special attention to families. The mini club is colourful and equipped with many games; the baby club for little ones aged 0-3 years is new.

The pool with sun loungers and a kids pool area

The rooms have balconies and are equipped with all comforts: they have new bathrooms with shower cubicle and everything you need for your stay.

The kitchen prepares delicious hot dishes and a rich buffet of appetizers and vegetables

The day gets off to a good start with breakfast: coffee, espresso cappuccino and many treats.

General services




Beach included


Family rooms

Pets welcome

Bike hire


Services for families

Games for children

Baby-club (0-3 years)

Mini-club (4-10 years)

Children's menus

Provision of: cutlery, plates, beakers, bibs and placemats to colour in, highchairs, bottle-warmers

Fully-equipped beach with games for children

Room with: cots with safety-bars, cribs, night-lights

Meal services

Breakfast included



All-inclusive formula

Languages spoken by the staff




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Our interview with Hotel Adelphi

Q. What do your hotel guests like best?

R. “The politeness and attentiveness of the staff”

Q. Do you organise parties, themed evenings and entertainment?

R. “Only for children”

Q. What's the motto of your hotel?

R. “The guest is a dear friend - Adelphi means friend”

Q. What do children like about your hotel?

R. “Entertainment, mini club, baby club”

Q. Can you tell us a nice anecdote?

R. “Simone, a 5 year old boy wanted to bring Camilla home”

Q. Do you have many loyal clients?

R. “Yes, 40%”

Q. Do you have a client loyalty record?

R. “Fabrizio has been coming every year since we opened”

Q. What's the best compliment you've ever received?

R. “"We love our clients"”

Q. Are there any key figures at your hotel?

R. “Nicole, Silvia, Camilla and chef Gene”

Q. What are your culinary specialities?

R. “- Cod with mashed potatoes, Citronette and chamomile dressing - Wrapped shrimps and sea bass - Risotto with seafood - Mixed fried fish”

Q. What does hospitality mean to you?

R. “Care and attention towards the guest”

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